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Shoes that are extremely comfortable, sturdy and built to last

The Goodyear Welt is referred to as a hallmark of well-made shoes and allows manufacturing highly robust and long-lasting footwear.

A Goodyear welted shoe is obtained by stitching a strip of leather (known as welt) to the upper structure of the shoe (leather plus lining) and to the insole along the entire perimeter of the shoe using a specialized machine, which was invented in 1869 by Charles Goodyear Jr. This process is known as Goodyear Stitch. 

This process creates a cavity between the insole and the middle sole, which is then filled with cork to enhance the comfort of the shoe. In Portugal, we call this the "soul of the shoe". The welt is then sewn to the middle sole and the outsole using a technique known as Rapid Stitch, which makes the shoe much more resistant.


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Resistant and durable footwear

The Norwegian construction is very similar to the Goodyear Welt. The footwear is equally resistant, but visually more robust, while the process is more time-consuming.
Compared to the previous method, the welt is inverted. It is stitched first to the upper (leather plus lining) and to the insole, and then a second stitch sews the welt to the upper, middle sole and outsole - the two stitches are visible on the outside of the shoe.

Waterproof force

The Veldtschoen construction is extremely tough, with a highly-resistant shape that does not deform with use and is built to be waterproof.
In this method, the Goodyear Stitch is applied to the welt, lining and insole. A second stitch, known as Rapid Stitch, is applied to the upper, welt and middle sole. Then, a third stitch is applied to the upper and outsole.

This process is also similar to the Goodyear Welt and the Norwegian Goodyear, as the only difference is that the upper sole turns outwards instead of turning underneath the insole, like in more common constructions, and the use of a third stitch.



Goodyear Welted is a high quality building system, requiring careful and expert work.

This method offers durability and comfort.  

The advantage of this construction method is that it is possible to remake and repair them without damaging the upper part of the shoe, thus prolonging its useful life.  

This repair is only available to Hugal customers.

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