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The development of the Goodyear construction system was driven by the demand for footwear that was notoriously robust, comfortable and highly durable by the rural, military and professional segments.

At first, HUGAL was exclusively focused on the manufacturing of Goodyear footwear for men, and was later challenged to manufacture women's footwear using the same technique.
It currently manufactures both men's and women's footwear, with heels up to 10 cm.


Over the years, HUGAL's structure has grown in number of employees, in manufacturing area and in its ability to respond to an increasingly demanding and rapidly changing market.

HUGAL became more than a manufacturing plant, as it started to design and develop collections internally, thus being able to support its customers throughout the entire footwear development and manufacturing cycle.





Nowadays, it manufactures footwear for a wide range of leading brands, offering medium and high quality products, combining traditional processes with the latest technology and top quality materials.




Discover our evolution through History.

HUGAL is located in Benedita (in the municipality of Alcobaça), an area renowned for the quality of footwear manufacturing. With around 100 employees and an exportation of approximately 99%, it has been increasingly focusing on internationalization to the five continents.


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